The migration process is really complex, it is clear it is not always the same for everybody. There is always a catch and things someone would love to know to make this smoother.

If you have dealt successfully with your migration at some point,  and you would love to help others, then you are very welcome to contribute to the content of this blog.

Some outstanding points on the contribution are:

  • You will get credit for your article.
  • You will get links to your social (if you want).
  • We will make some redaction fixes, but you will still get the credit.

We also request some from the content:

  • In the article you write about, you have lived it.
  • Articles should be written in the first-person and past tense, after all, it is something you did and it is in the past.
  • Specific things, one article about a specific subject.
  • Use images to illustrate your article.

Subjects You Can Write About

In general, you can write anything you want to share with tips to make life easier for those who are going to be in the same situation soon. Some subjects everybody would love to know could be:

  • How to take the university language test,
  • How to find a school from abroad,
  • What paperwork was done to get a study permit,
  • What to bring to a job interview,
  • How to select your first bank account
  • How to get your temporal security insurance number,
  • How to exchange your temporal SIN for a permanent,
  • How to apply for the health card,
  • What paperwork to do when buying the car,
  • What to do to file the tax return, etc.

The list is infinite, the idea is help and get help from first hand. Things you would love to know when doing it the very first time.