For me, my dog is a member of the family. I couldn't leave him back in Mexico when I moved to Canada. I will try to write here about what I did to bring him with me.

Miguel was six when he moved with us to Canada. He is a white Griffon Vendeen with a very charismatic personality.

Documentation I did to Bring my Dog to Canada

I went to my dog's veterinary and asked for the following:

  • A letterhead describing as much as possible in an accurate way my dog. At least it specified size, weight, colour, breed, name, owners.
  • Copy of any documentation that showed my dog is up to date with the vaccines.
  • Copy of my dog' veterinary's diploma.

He gave me all these documents in English.

My Dog Flying to Canada

I had to get him a "ticket". My dog was not considered to be a small dog, rather a medium size one. So, I had to bring him within a cage. His veterinary would recommend me to give him a pill so he sleeps the most part of the trip. Bad luck for Miguel, he didn't swallow it and he was awake all the six-hour trip.

My Dog Landing in Canada

My flight was Mexico-Toronto-Ottawa. When I arrived in Toronto, I didn't have to do anything. When I arrived in Ottawa, I had to go and claim a "life". I just showed the receipt from the airline and in few moments I got Miguel with me.

Did they ask for any documentation? No! I think I was lucky.