Among many things, the CELPIP exam is required to migrate to Canada if you are going to try for The English language. So I am writing about the exercises you will have on it. One of the exercises CELPIP has is to describe a picture. So here it is how I did.

First, you must speak all in the simple present tense. Don't change your main tense, however, you can use expressions like: "I think he is coming from ...". So, my description would be like this:

I see a picture in the plage. The sky is blue, and there are no clouds. On the left, very far from here, there is a bush, then there are two palm trees. One seems to be far away and the other very close. The closest one has coconuts on it.

On the right, there is a big blue wave. On that wave, there is a pirate ship. I know it is a pirate because the flag is black and it has a big darker X on it. It is all brown with black sails. There are four mice attached to the ship with a rope. They are not inside the water, they are coming out of it. They wear some pirate hats and they seem to be very tired as well.

At the left-bottom corner, there is a native. He is brown with black curly hair. He has a white bone in his hair and he is holding his lance with the left hand. With the right hand, he is about to shoot kind of a dart at the mice.

Take note of how I started, I took a technique far-to-here; I started to describe the general scenario and then I talked about the sky which is far. It really doesn't matter how you do, but get an order. You could start from the front, or from the left. It really depends on the picture when you are doing the exam. But keep it in order.

The next related exercise will be to guess what is going to happen in that picture. For the most part, we are going to use the present progressive (he is going to ..., she is running) and you can mix it with a simple future. For example:

I think the boat is going to be out of the water. The native is going to shoot the mice, but he is going to miss. As soon as the boat is out, mice are going to lay on the sand and the shoot is going to pass over them. The native is going to run when he realizes he has missed and finally, after a long nap, one of the mice will try to get the coconuts because they will be starving.

Good luck!

P.D. I want to deeply thank Miss Jessica Thibault. Without her support, I wouldn't have passed my CELPIP exam. Not to mention she helped me with these exercises.