As I have explained before, I have a bachelor title in Computing Engineering and two Master's degree in Management & IT, and Telecom Management. Unfortunately, for the Government of Canada, my titles are not valid. Therefore, validation must be in place.

You may have the same question as I had once: why should I want a Canadian equivalency degree? The answer is easy, this process is needed if you want to continue studying or for migration purposes.

Simple Process to get your Educational Credential Assessment

Here it is what I did, just follow:

  1. I went to the website of World Education Services, there are others, but I found this clear enough to run the process.
  2. Start a Canadian Credential Assessment. I paid 325 USD approximately. The system asked me to start listing all your university, master or doctoral studies. I only input studies I was  100% I could get original transcripts from the University.
  3. I got my diplomas and do a photocopy. The website will show you the desired papers I had to mail to them.
  4. The website showed you a list of papers they need to get from the University. In my case, it was only the transcripts. I also downloaded an authorization form. I printed, signed, scanned and email it to each university.  Each University had to print it, fill the blanks and sign it. It is very important the school sends the signed form with the required papers in a closed official university envelope. Sometimes University will send you the transcripts and authorization form. The French University where I studied did that; but fortunately, they sent me a new envelope (with the university logo) so I put the papers inside that enveloped and send it. Yes, an envelope inside another envelope. I also wrote the case number outside, it is very important.
  5. After that, I started to get updates as the documents were arriving. Five days after the last document was accepted, I got my electronic assessment and seven days later a hard copy.

The paper you will get is more or less like this.

Some Things You should know about the Educational Credential Assessment Process

  • Only send the papers requested, nothing else.
  • Only declare the degrees you can get the original papers from the University. For immigration purposes, the highest degree is enough.
  • The process doesn't expire (or I didn't realize of it), if you can't find a paper or one University is stuck sending them, the process will be on hold until the last paper arrives.
  • The ECA is valid for 10 years.
  • Depending on your country or university, your local bachelor's or master's degree may not be a Canadian bachelor or master's. If this is the case, try to get an ECA with another agency. You just report the better result.